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The signs we ignore in the beginning end up being the reason we leave later. We know right away who is bad and who is good for us. But we always ignore it, because at that stage we are so in love that these things don’t matter at all. Maybe, sometimes we are the onesContinue reading “Attachments”


There are two kinds of people. One who stay positive at every point in their life and the one who are negative and keep on spreading their negativity. We all are negative in one or the other way and directly or indirectly we are giving out our negativity to this universe. Being a negative personContinue reading “BE POSITIVE”

Believing yourself

People never stop talking and criticizing you on every little thing you do. The biggest problem every other person faces is that: LOG KYA KAHAIN GE?And tadaa DREAMS KILLED. Don’t let these shit worthy people control your life. You are the one who’s gonna live his life not people. Do whatever you want that satisfiesContinue reading “Believing yourself”

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